Essências de Portugal - About us

Longlife is a Portuguese company that designs, creates and produces soaps with Art, unique cork diffusers and candles. 

Created in 2017 and since the beginning, it excelled in making the difference offering exclusive and special products. Keeping this ideal the brand evolved naturally and to achieve this, it resorted to local producers in order to incorporate into its products what is best made in Portugal, from wood to seamstresses, from cork to essences, from artisans to local ingredients.

Fatima Soap

In 2017 we were invited by the Catholic Church to create a soap commemorating the centenary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fátima, it was with this challenge that it all started and thus one of the first soaps of Essências de Portugal was created.

Whoever buys the products will always identify a bit of Portugal in them, hence the name Essências de Portugal. With this focus we will show what is best made in Portugal in all the countries in the world where we are present.

More recently, in 2020, and as a result of sustained growth and exports to more than 20 countries, we had the need to increase our facilities and production capacity.

Also in 2020 we created the Premium brand, Saudade, a word that has no literal translation in many languages and is one of the most used in love poetry. Something characteristic and present in all the products we produce, the love and care with which they are made and created, starting on the production line, going through manual packaging and ending with the shipping.

Customized models and packaging are what distinguishes us in a market that thrives on the massification of products and services. Each customer is treated differently in a PARTNERSHIP that will have everything to be a success, finding in Longlife, the fulfillment of your desires, in the creation of exclusive products and limited editions, custom made.

Embark on this sensory journey and let yourself be seduced by our products.

More than soaps, cork diffusers or candles, we sell pieces of art, timeless souvenirs…

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