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Saudade, a word that has no literal translation in many languages ​​and is one of the most used in love poetry. This is Essências de Portugal's premium brand, created with the aim of surprising and providing unique experiences to our customers.

Saudade creates with feeling and develops with refinement, having a distinct requirement and determination to bring your customers excellent quality and care down to the smallest details.

The first uses of the word Saudade date from the 12th century, at this time known as Soidade, popularized by the discoveries and maritime adventures of the Portuguese people. With sailors always traveling and away from families, this feeling was common and in this way a word emerged that could express it.

Being the word Saudade so close to the heart of the Portuguese, and an international feeling felt by all, the brand also intends to win a place in the heart of everyone, all over the world.

So much in one word, so much in one brand.

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